Our Mission

  • Is to understand the needs of the individual who seeks our help
  • Is to communicate effectively and with compassion.
  • Is to alleviate the cause of pain and suffering as quickly as possible
  • Is to provide long lasting results
  • Is to empower the patient to proactively choose activities and decisions that will promote their health and well being for life.

“Healing begins with a sacred trust between doctor and patient”

The majority of prospective clients who consult us are prompted by unwanted symptoms.

The reason they refer their family and others is because we are just as much an educational institution as a healing institution.

It is our mission to achieve three clinical goals with each client who truly desires to have health.

  • Restore the nerve flow in order to get the client out of pain and suffering as quickly as possible.
  • Correct the root cause of malfunction in the body.
  • Design a program for long-term health based on prevention and maintenance.

“Healing begins with a sacred trust between doctor and patient

Most people say that health is feeling good, being able to do the activities they enjoy, and not having to take medication all the time.

That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? So how the body actually regulates a state of health is both miraculous and complex.

Consider that daily life constantly places demands on our body to respond to external and internal stimuli. The vast array of stimuli range from exposure to temperature such as heat or cold, to exposure to bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses, air, water, and other forms of toxins or pollution. Then there are the physical stimuli that affect the body, such as falls, bumps, injuries, and the affects of poor posture when sitting, sleeping, or working upright. Now add the emotional demands and occasional upsets we face at work, and at home. It never stops does it? So how is one to cope?

Thankfully the body is intelligent and has self- awareness. The body is programmed to self-regulate, a state of well-being and has the capacity to ward off sickness and disease and to repair itself when necessary.

This is what Chiropractic philosophy refers to as Innate Intelligence.

We are the beneficiaries of the genetic encoding produced by the “Wisdom Of The Body.” Innate Intelligence has allowed humans to survive and evolve over the ages.

So health is much more than an end result of feeling good. Health depends on the body successfully responding, and adapting to ever changing demands and stress that constantly challenge our existence.

“Who is minding the shop?”      “May you be at one with the Force.”


Medical texts books such as Grey’s Anatomy refer to the brain and nervous system as the master system. The nervous system is responsible for regulating every cell, tissue, organ, and all other systems of the body such as the respiratory, digestive, endocrine, or reproductive systems.

Regulation occurs when incoming messages (afferent) from the body are received in the brain. The brain then processes the afferent messages and then sends out (efferent messages) response commands to be executed. This electromagnetic connectivity and two way communication is the basic mechanism of how Innate Intelligence processes information and adapts in order to preserve life and health.

Today neuroimmunology is teaching us that the mind and body are inseparable. More specifically neuroreceptors are part of the immune system and are actually under the control of the nervous system. Nerves not only talk with tissues, but also talk with hormones and chemicals in the orchestration of health.

Chiropractors are experts who address the biomechanics of the spine. The healthiest people in the planet follow chiropractic wellness care.

“The spine and nervous system is a gateway to health and happiness.”

Throughout our lives we are bombarded by countless commercials that pitch relief is only a pill away. However the goal of relieving symptoms does not produce health and proper function.

Suppose you are a migraine sufferer who is in the habit of resorting to the use of medication. Would the medication you take for today’s episode result in not having a repeat of migraine headache tomorrow, the following weeks, or the following months?

Based on every patient I have interviewed the answer is a flat out no. That is because medication doesn’t actually improve your health.

In the chiropractic model of health care our goal is to actually help you to express health by removing the interference at the nervous system.

This is why the patients who follow expert chiropractic care can expect the following benefits.

  • A decrease in symptoms.
  • A decrease in frequency of symptoms.
  • A decrease in severity of symptoms.
  • A decrease in duration of symptoms.

This is the criterion to know your health is on its way up.

“Chiropractic Care is a marriage of ancient wisdom and modern science”

Your brain is continuously producing vital messages, which are brilliantly decoded into electrical impulses with a purpose of performing an important function in a specific place within your body. Millions of these messages are sent every second of your life passing from your brain to your body cells and equally important from your body cells back to your brain. Anything that interrupts the proper flow of electrical impulses through your nervous system should set off loud, beeping alarms in the body. Unfortunately it doesn’t until a certain amount of damage has already accumulated.

Vertebral Subluxation is a condition that produces a short circuit to the body’s self-regulation. A spinal subluxation can be your health’s worst enemy. Misalignments of the spine create nerve pressure, irritation, inflammation resulting in malfunction and a loss of physical and mental well being.

“The chiropractic profession is dedicated to eliminate spinal subluxation
thereby creating a healthier world, one spine at a time.”

  • Better posture
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Reduced need for pain relief medication
  • Function at the level necessary to participate in favorite activities
  • Enjoyment of the hands on approach for chiropractic health care
  • Security (a healthy body is able to resolve new injuries on it’s own)
  • Better mood and temperament
  • Ability to handle Stress
  • Energy and vitality
  • Quality of Life