Dr. Mireille Wassef

I visited Dr. Nathaniel in December 2012 after a very serious series of falls. I could not breath properly walk or sit down without pain. He was very kind and scheduled me in the same day. From the first visit he earned my trust by being honest in his approach related to my condition. His approach is so gentle and he explains thoroughly every move. Since then he worked on all the problems of my back which seemed unsolvable but with his ability and experience it just took him several sessions to reach a solution for my limited movement condition.

Dr. Nathaniel put me on a maintenance program since, and now I do not complain. Being a dentist put me in a very stressful condition specially related to poster, after treatment, I can perform better and for longer times. I would say that fixing my back was a miracle there was a time when I thought that I could never perform normally again.

Thank you Dr. Nathaniel.