About Dr. Charles Nathaniel

“Over my 36 years of practice I have served thousands of people.  Each new patient is unique and each presents with signs and symptoms that disrupt the quality of his or her life.

Patients want to know if chiropractic care can address their condition and it is my responsibility to inform patients that their spine and nervous system is the gateway to their health and vitality.   Only after careful examination can I determine whether or not their particular condition would respond to expert Chiropractic care.

Elements of the first examination, which determines the state and integrity of the spine and the nerves that pass through them, consists of the following:

  • Visual inspection of postural alignment
  • Static and motion palpitation of each vertebra.
  • Checking if each vertebra articulates freely, or if any have lost range of normal movement.
  • Checking muscle tone for knots, spasm, sensitivity, guarding and other signs of compensation.
  • Checking for inflammation.
  • Determination of the severity of the condition via X-ray. (On premises).
  • Comprehensive understanding of the patients subjective complaint by way of an extensive consultation.


After conducting the above, I can give an opinion as to whether or not the patient is a good candidate for chiropractic care, and if so, what the success rate would be; based on if I have had a high success rate with patients who have had a similar condition to yours.”


Dr. Nathaniel is:

” A healthcare provider with specialized education, skills and the ability to effectively and safely help people relieve the pain and suffering associated with many spinal conditions.

A chiropractor who practices from the unique understanding that the human body has an innate ability to continuously monitor, adapt and regulate its internal state against the ever-changing stimuli in order to preserve its health (homeostasis).

A chiropractor who teaches that health is precious.  Therefore it is the patients’ responsibility to proactively engage in lifestyle activities and choices that support their health and wellbeing for as long as they wish to be healthy!

A chiropractor who believes that people under chiropractic care are among the healthiest people on the planet.  Chiropractic spinal care promotes efficient communication and co-ordination of function between the brain and all the body parts, thus allowing people to handle and adapt to stress.

The largest segment of Dr Nathaniel’s practice, are those patients who have experienced the power of chiropractic.  Most of them have been under Dr Nathaniel’s uninterrupted chiropractic maintenance care for over twenty years, and he considers them to be health visionaries and pioneers.

A chiropractor who supports the ICA (International Chiropractic Association).

A chiropractor with 36 years of clinical experience.”

A chiropractor who works with the spine in order to decompress pinched nerves (amelioration of vertebral subluxations), thus restoring nervous system integrity with the expected outcome of better health and wellbeing for each of his patients.”

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