“La guérison commence avec une confiance sacrée entre le médecin et le patient”

Le Dr Charles Nathaniel, Chiropraticien est :

Un fournisseur de soins de santé avec une éducation, des compétences spécialisées et la capacité d'aider efficacement et en toute sécurité les personnes qui souffrent  de douleurs associées à des conditions.

Un chiropraticien qui pratique à partir d'une compréhension unique que le corps humain a une capacité innée à se surveiller en permanence, à s'adapter, et à réguler son état interne contre une évolution constante des stimuli externes afin de préserver sa santé (homéostasie).

Un chiropraticien qui travaille avec la colonne vertébrale afin de décompresser les nerfs pincés (l’amélioration de subluxations vertébrales) rétablissant ainsi l'intégrité du système nerveux conformément aux résultats escomptés d'une meilleure santé et le bien-être pour chacun de ses patients.

Un chiropraticien qui soutient l'ICA (International Chiropractic Association).

Un chiropraticien avec 36 ans d'expérience clinique.

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Recommandations pour le Dr NATHANIEL

Merci Dr Nathaniel pour votre intervention ce matin! Il y a de mauvais chiro, de bons chiro et d’excellents chiro! Le Dr. Charles Nathaniel se classe parmi les excellents chiropraticiens. Merci encore

Pierre Rochon

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I visited Dr. Nathaniel in December 2012 after a very serious series of falls. I could not breath properly walk or sit down without pain. He was very kind and scheduled me in the same day. From the first visit he earned my trust by being honest in his approach related to my condition. His approach is so gentle and he explains thoroughly every move. Since then he worked on all the problems of my back which seemed unsolvable but with his ability and experience it just took him several sessions to reach a solution for my limited movement condition.

Dr. Nathaniel put me on a maintenance program since, and now I do not complain. Being a dentist put me in a very stressful condition specially related to poster, after treatment, I can perform better and for longer times. I would say that fixing my back was a miracle there was a time when I thought that I could never perform normally again.

Thank you Dr. Nathaniel.

Dr. Mireille Wassef

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It is with great pleasure that I speak of Dr, Charles Nathanial’s healing powers. I have been seeing Charles for, at least, 25 years. I remember my GP trying to help me by sending me to Physio when I had a huge back problem,(that was 25 years ago) . It did not solve the problem, so my GP said, “Try my Chiropractor he is great!” I did just that and have never looked back. It took about 3 months with treatments 3 times a week to straighten me out, but I totally trusted him and it totally worked. He has, over the years, treated painful Sciatica Nerve issues, a damaged knee from a fall on ice and more recently another fall which set me back for nearly 3 months.
Charles will give you all of the time you need to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. He is patient, skilled, caring and 100% there for you. I respect Charles and highly recommend him to anyone who truly wants to heal in a healthy and non-invasive way.

Nancy B

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